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General Bots provides conversational user interfaces, allowing the perpetual presence of establishment for brands, businesses and people through "virtual twins". Delivering digital transformation for daily activities with the latest technology in hybrid cloud & Big Data. Entry Point technology powered by AI and ubiquity of cloud for everyone. Solução Automática de Atendimento ao Cliente em canais digitais. Economize tempo, responda automaticamente.

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 Platform  Bot Builder (BASIC in Microsoft Word)  
Bot Cloning & Template Sharing  
Create and deploy bots in a self-service fashion  
Deploy a new Microsoft Teams bots in minutes  
Standard interface customization via css  
Use conversational interface to bots management.  
99.99% guaranteed uptime SLA    
Image gallery          
Self Learning          
Sentiment analysis            
Service trees        
Advanced Chatbot Dialogs            
Browser Notifications            
Chatbot Form Widget            
Unlimited active chatbots            
White Labeled Bots        
Multilanguage Interface        
 Bot Analytics  Analytics Reporting            
Common Bot Analtyics          
Bot Analytics using Power BI (OData)           
Weekly Reporting            
Billing Reports          
Basic reporting  
Advanced reporting            
 Channels  Use the Bot as an Web App  
Omnichannel Relationship - Centralize Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Skype, Sms, E-mail and Live chat. Standardize and streamline the real-time service of all your pages    
Audio messaging with Bot          
Centralize multiple channels - multiple WhatsApp and Telegram numbers, multiple Instagram and Facebook pages in one window, with advanced filters and all well-identified channels.            
Push Notifications            
Sending SMS            
Skype For Business Channel (Pre Microsoft Teams)            
Social Network Login            
Use Microsoft Kaizala to deploy Bots          
OmniChannel 24h chatbots with URA Digital style self-service menu. Improves satisfaction, conversion and loyalty. Sales and support in automatic 24 /          
 Collaboration  1 TB per team member          
Manage channel posting permissions          
Relevant people, channels and files in search results            
Screen sharing (Microsoft Teams)          
Maximum number of users  1 5 100 25 250 Unlimited  
1 TB of OneDrive storage per user          
A bot factory for teamwork with Microsoft Teams          
Automate business processes with Power Apps for Office 365 and Microsoft Power Automate built right into a SharePoint list or library          
Broadcast Channel        
Business-class email hosting with unlimited mailbox          
Calendar Integration            
Coauthor in real time in familiar Microsoft Office apps          
Conferencing Server          
Desktop versions of Office applications: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, plus Access to Edit Bot Content and general collaboration          
FastTrack deployment support with purchase of 50+ seats at no extra cost          
Move and manage files between OneDrive and SharePoint          
One license covers 5 PCs or Macs, 5 phones, and 5 tablets per user3          
Online video-conferencing meetings for up to 10,000 people with Microsoft Teams          
Online video-conferencing meetings for up to 250 people4          
Organize and manage content in libraries and lists with metadata, records management, and retention policies          
Private Channels        
Public Channels      
Scheduled Sends            
Search and discover relevant people and important content when you need it most          
Share files securely inside or outside your organization          
Share Links          
Work with individuals          
Work with other organizations          
Inform and connect your people with intranets and portals              
Voice and video calls              
 Content  Excel Knowledge Base        
Canned Responses            
Enrich Bot experience with Stream videos          
Hierarchical menus          
Sync local copies of bot files or folders for offline viewing and editing on Mac or PC          
Team collaboration          
Tell your story with beautiful communication sites          
Turn SharePoint modern pages into conversations (Webparts and DocLib)            
Unlimited number of articles            
 Tooling  Survey, Pools & Quizes integrated with Forms            
Use Microsoft Flow to build conversations (Connectors)            
Use Microsoft Word as Bot content editor            
Use team sites to connect teams to content, expertise, and processes          
Web versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint          
Developer Tools  
Custom Bot Built by Pragmatismo Team            
 Education  Documentation & Tutorials  
Features or Bugs  
Tutorial Videos  
Work with a specialist to implement advanced features and strategies to boost campaign performance, lead generation and ROI            
 Customer Care  Custom Terms of Service            
Commercial phone and web support (9am – 5pm EST)    
Account management            
Access to Product Team            
Chat Live with Users          
Conversation Handover            
Designated account and customer success team            
Migration Assistance            
Onboarding Call            
On-Call Upgrade Assistance            
Unlimited Chatbot Customization Requests            
24/7 phone and web support              
Support and Training              
ChatBot set-up  
Personal onboarding            
Security assistance          
Service report via email          
 Integrations  Live Chat  
Integration with various interfaces          
Telephony / voice platform integration            
Unlimited integrations            
API Integration          
Custom Integrations & Developer Tools            
Custom NLP Integration            
Dialogflow Integration            
RD Station integration            
SMS Tools Available          
Webhooks & API Integration          
WordPress Integration            
Zapier Integration            
 Subscription Model  No contract or fines. Renew only if you are satisfied.    
issuance-invoice - Company with CNPJ and issuance of invoice.          
Large Scale Implementation & White Glove Service            
Onboarding & Training            
Quarterly Strategic Call            
 Support  Online Ticket Creation  
Reliable infrastructure    
24/7 Email        
24/7 Phone        
Post-incident Reports            
Same business-day response          
Response Time SLA Medium           6 hours  
Response Time SLA High (Critical)           30 minutes  
Support Entitlement           3 Named Contacts  
Response Time SLA Low           1 business day  
 Marketing  A/B Testing            
Audience Insights            
Audience Sync to Facebook Ads            
Connect ads to bot and            
Custom Branded User Sign-up            
Custom email domain addresses (name@​yourcompany​.com)          
Custom Mobile Phone Number            
Marketing Attribution            
Precise Targeting with Facebook Ads            
Push updates to multiple bots at once            
Remove General Bots branding        
Oracle Eloqua Integration              
 Store & Logistics  Information, price lists, questionnaires, images, PDFs, everything can be automated so that in 2x clicks it is sent to the customer, streamlining and standardizing the service
Private and shared models
Quick Answers - No more repetitive copying and pasting! Now you can create quick response templates and use agile and easy fashion by typing a shortcut or clicking 2x and you're done!
Access to CRM OmniChannel via browser and WhatsApp so external salespeople can access from anywhere.          
Administrators, supervisors and operators - Various departments and different access permissions          
Autonomously book customers via Whatsapp, Facebook and more    
Control the quality of services with automatic requests for evaluation by customers.          
CRM WhatsApp Business - Segmented marketing campaigns    
customers can contact each department, adapting and streamlining the company's sales and support demands.          
Drip Campaigns          
Entrega via motociclista          
Facebook Ads Integration          
Free Live Chat! Multi-user with Self-Service and 24h Chatbot to place on all sites      
Graphs, reports and evaluations. - Analyze all conversations, channels and operators easily, by month, week or days.        
Landing Pages          
Lead Alert Widget          
Lead Magnets          
Marketing campaigns on WhatsApp and other channels filtering contacts by tags, names, etc.    
multiple users and departments accessing conversations from all service channels, with different permissions.        
Quality control with scores by customers.          
Relationship Marketing - creating and managing contacts with all the necessary data, name, phone numbers, links to e-mail and pages. Fields such as CPF or CNPJ, tax regime, address and everything configurable for the most complete customer registration possible.          
Statistics of calls and operators          
TAGS systems do away with lost conversations that are categorized and organized for quick access.          
Access to exclusive customer area            
Automatic WhatsApp Answering            
Contact Leads            
Digital Menu            
Facebook Pages & Website Installs            
Order Printing            
Order Recovery            
Orders Panel            
Phone, Name, Email, Company and Request Capture            
Product Catalog by Microsoft Excel            
Unlimited orders            
Lead Qualification via Microsoft Dyamics          
 Data & Security  Custom User Groups          
Integration with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)          
Support for HIPAA compliance            
Support for integrations with Data Loss Prevention (DLP), e-Discovery, and offline backup providers            
Exportable Data  
Data residency    
Corporate exports for all messages          
Custom retention policies for messages and files          
Messages History        
Download all user data              
Advanced Monitoring          
Training history            
Advanced control (SAML, OAuth)          
Service logs          
IOS application             
OAuth with Google          
Real-time Active Directory sync with OneLogin, Okta and Ping            
SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)          
Advanced Agent Routing Rules            
Agent Utilization Limit            
Audio to Text Conversion        
Customizable User Permission            
Desktop Apps            
File Storage Migrate Tool            
High Scalability Cluster            
LDAP / Active Directory            
Live Streaming          
Message Auditing Panel            
Mobile Apps            
Multifactor Authentication            
Pre-configured Tags            
Read Receipt            
Realtime Translation            
Salesforce Integration            
Supervisor Role            
Two-factor authentication          
User Management and Audience Segments          
User management with SCIM provisioning            
User security self-service (AD Reset Password)            
Waiting Queue            
Answers in miliseconds.            
Conversational AI API            
Enterprise terms, SLA and guaranteed uptime            


People and companies wants to boost productivity while improving quality of life but relies on heterogeneous interfaces. It’s a fit for the


Cheap, integrated and AI-powered Chatbots.
A need for GENERAL BOTS™ reveals a missing opportunity of system integration and hybrid-cloud and also the same effort applies here.
The company must keep workers aligned to business process and customers well informed.

Ideal Solution

- A cloud platform that use legacy and new concepts to integrate old and new seamlessly.
- Experienced architecture design to establish the definitive AI-powered Enterprise Platform.
- Robust conversational framework allow integration, branding and omnipresence.
The power of AI and the Cloud is currently being discovered using the ultimate apps and social networks but personal and business process must be digitally transformed to follow it. Enterprise bots replaces non interactive form-based approach in automated way.

Desired Outcomes

- Complicated forms and SaaS are now accessible by chat replacing several clicks.
- Rebranded Intranet and mobile agent that follows all business or personal process.
- Once learned the same solution is now the base of any chat bot developed to customers
The omnipresence in people’s life is the dream of any business. The auto brand promoter, chat bot is now accessible inside and outside home. Backed by security and compliance of the cloud, they are everywhere. Answering few questions and easing the company business flow.

Digital transformation through appealing conversational user interfaces

Bots Engaging People

Workflows in messaging way

- Translate long forms into messaging flows.
- Conversations triggering business process.
- Personal Websites which replicates people’s presence for taking notes and appointments.

Brand and Personal Omnipresence

Single point of AI

- Deliver BigData to a broader audience at home or at work.
- Brand persona in everyone personal agenda.

Ease of Deployment

Bots engineered for growth

- Continuously enhancing bot’s knowledge and personality.
- Marketing response and customer branding.
- Easy deployment on personal, SMB and Enterprise websites.

Digital transformation through appealing conversational user interfaces.Using Azure hybrid-cloud approaches to integrate the best of old and new technologies into useful conversations.

Big Data, AI and Cognitive Services

All backend information transformed into pro-active messages and insights
Solid cloud-backed intelligent platform allows to focus on Bot fine-tuning.

A framework which boots productivity

Investments results in long-term well maintained code artifacts.
Channel-agnostic, with tailored UI companions, including IoT gadgets.

Dynamics and Office 365 as Bot Home

Personal, SMB & Enterprise productivity boom
Integration to SharePoint and Dynamics 365.
Heterogeneous data sources unified at Data Lake level powering bot’s awareness.

TV Bots™

Conversational agents powering people easing personal and business workflows with big data insights and actions

Digital transformation with ease of implementation by incrementally turning business process into conversation. Bringing value of Big Data solutions, AI-powered and multimedia-based dialogs that turn current forms and applications into personal or business flow.

What are TV Bots™?
TV Bots modernizes companies by identifying key opportunities of digital transformation and turning it into conversational user interfaces with media. Business flows through dialogs in messaging apps, helping people to get things done.

The need for AI agents

- Engage people around AI-powered business process automation
- Use multichannel marketing approaches with unified presence
- Bots that make workplace safer with computer vision and predictive algorithms

Personal and Business process automation

Workflows in messaging way

- Unused forms are turned into workflow-friendly conversations
- Repetitive tasks are automated and pro-active messages engages people
- Integrate SaaS into bot dialogs

Bots unleash workflow tools

Big Data & AI entry point

Single point of AI

- Bots as central point of access of data process with Q&A
- Literally talk to the results in investments in artificial intelligence
- Growth user base as result of AI investments

Motivator to insights and actions

Your brand in people agenda

Bots engineered for growth

- Direct channel to customers, partners and employees
- People create “digital twins” of themselves on personal pages.
- Products, News, AI-driven tailored event engaging brand

Omnipresence through dialogs